Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fuzzy Valentine

All Above Items: Tiger Store

Was in London last week as I went home to see my dad, popped into'Tiger' and came across these beauties which I just had to buy. Just look at the coat hangers! You can get 4 velvet hangers for £3.00 in any 3 colours: dusty pink, bright pink and red. I first saw the dusty pink ones at Fifi's and feel in love with them straight away. The heart notebook cost me £2.00 and the 4 meter garland £1.00! Love it.
Although these are perfect for Valentine's Day, I know I'll be most likely using them 24/7 haha.

There were other Valentine-related items for sale as well, including a heart clock, a pink or red cute heart storage bucket and a heart shaped sauce pan -among others.
Their stores are perfect for vamping up your house.

Have a look about here:

Friday, 24 January 2014

Lavender Thrills.

Went back home for my Birthday to spend some time with Fifi. Also thought it was the perfect opportunity what with me being on holiday from work, to have a hair dying sesh!
Went purple again as I had some dye left over from the last time, weirdly though it turned out to be Lavender! (<33) I don't know how it got a blue tinge but love it, I have missed this!

Hair Dye: Adore

Fifi & I :)

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