Sunday, 29 September 2013

Antipodium S/S14

I came across a couple of photos of Antipodium's 2014 Spring/Summer Collection on Tumblr and loved the shimmery material and cut of dress that I felt I had too look into it further. What I like in particular about these dresses and skirts is the eye-catching  material. It looks like coloured glass or gossamer wings; something from a fantastical dream that a fairy or nymph would be caught wearing. The shimmery green dress is definitely my favourite. Ahh I wish it was mine! The light hits the material perfectly, highlighting the pleats and different colours. 

To preview the rest of Antipodium's range, check out this vid clip!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Make-up Bag: Etsy

Bought this make-up bag yesterday off Etsy. I have so much in my Treasury of different things I want to buy it's crazy! This is a shot of some goth girls from an old Goofy movie, don't know if anyone's seen it? But I like it's quirkiness and I think I'm due to treat myself haha! Will probably take about 2 weeks to come but I'm looking forward to it. It reminds me a bit of Fifi and I on some occasions when we can't be bothered to dress fancy and just throw on something black. Simple. Paha. And then there's something we see or hear and we're just like '. . . bleurgh. Fuck that.'  

Friday, 6 September 2013


Making yummy cupcakes at Fifi's!
Been eating the mixture out of the bowl ahaha (tasty!) We're going to decorate them in a spooky hallowe'en theme (we'll see how the icing skills go..uh oh!) -even though it's not halloween for a while (oh well!) we're hyping the idea for spooky cute little cakes.
Well see how they turn out haha. Look a bit like splats at the moment! I haven't made cupcakes for a while now. Quite excited!