Wednesday, 30 October 2013

3 Glow in the Dark Skeletons: Morrisons £1
Frankenstein cup: Costume shop in Cambridge
Eye Ball Key Ring: From Fifi
Light up Skull: ASDA £1
Ghost Nails: Morrisons £1

Selection of new-ish Halloween stuff I've bought which are dotted about my room. -Getting into the Halloween spirit. I love the cute-spooky side of Halloween.

This small skull is so cool, you can get it in blue or red at ASDA really cheaply! (I went for blue as I don't really like red lights tbh). The inside is glitter and sparkles when you turn it on. It's trippy; looks like you're looking into another universe. 

Ghost False Nails!
Had to snap these up, they're so quirky!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Had an early Halloween get-together/house party on Sunday evening with friends from back home -costume of course. I'd been looking forward to it for ages! Decided to go as a Pierrot clown (French style clown). I don't like normal clowns, they fucking annoy me so much, but these can be more feminine and subtle. I got the inspiration from a female Pierrot clown busk I bought a while ago now cheaply from an Antiques shop in Norwich.

I was going to buy a neck ruff online off Etsy (I couldn't find ANY decent ones anywhere else), but because of a lack of money I made one myself out of paper. Cheap, easy and actually turned out really well. I ended up using like 6 pieces of paper though haha! To join each piece I folded them, used double-sided tape, and then threaded some thread through them all so I could tie it round at the back.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Came up with these Halloween-themed nails yesterday and could not wait to try out the design!

I bought the white Barry M and glitter Loreal Paris nail polishes this morning before work which I was chuffed about. I've hyped this particular 'Nail Art Pen' before on here and it is truely something worth talking about. It's SO easy to use! Love it. Def recommend.

In order to achieve these nails I applied 3 coats of the white nail polish by Barry M -(it's not that thick so it needs more than one). Following this I used Loreal Paris' clear glitter as a top coat and then after drying, drew on some spider webs, starting on the star shape and moving onto adding the adjoining lines. (If you look at a real spiderweb you'll notice the lines running across the center star shape do not always join, so I think it looks more interesting if you apply this to the nail design).

I have to admit you need a very steady hand as you can see my lines are a bit wibbly. Ended up finding that trying to follow on with the spiderweb design on my right hand was HARD. So, if you trust someone to do the other I would recommend it (haha).

I have to say though, after finishing them I do REALLY love them. Perfect for the Halloween party I'm heading to tomorrow! Yay.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

NEW! 'Wet Electric' at Dolls Kill. 

I love this site. It's got to be one of my favourite online retail shops. Their ranges are epic and I would definitely recommend checking it out and having a snoop around the website if you haven't been on their before! It's unique and a gauranteed love.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Midnight Nails

Nail Varnishes
Black -Miss Sporty
Blue Glitter -Max Factor

Decided to grow my nails for a change from short! I've glammed them up with this combination of nail varnishes which I think look rad! I used Miss Sporty black nail varnish as a base coat and then painted my nails with Max Factor's blue glitter mini nail polish on top. What I like about this particular nail polish by Max Factor is that it's translucent enough to show some of the black underneath. I love the midnight effect of these two nail varnishes as they make really nice glitter-blue metallic nails which really pop! Perfect for a night out on the town.

(As you can probably see I loose patience with waiting for them to dry properly so they are quite scuffed!)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My favourite Grimes song!

Love this song it's so magical and calming. 
The video is weird-cute and edgy which I like as it's unique. Claire Boucher is so adorable!

Grimes - Genesis

Modern Art of Women

Came across these on Tumblr and I just HAD to mention them on my blog. They are amazing, I love them so much. I am definitely going to be printing these out and putting them up on my walls! I love how they look so perfect yet there is a conflict of despair and sadness that they each show. The colours are popping, they really add to the portrayal of beauty. I don't know who created these but credit to them they are awesome!