Monday, 18 November 2013

Just one of the things Fifi and I have talked about today. 

-Er Fifi’s name on my phone is a story for another day…-

Monday, 4 November 2013

Quick snap of a sleepy snuggle.

Few photos from Halloween where you can see some of my devil outfit which I wore to work for dress-up!
(Loving these horns I got off Ebay)

-My phone's camera is shittt-

I sprayed the bottom of my hair red (to add a kinda flames-look like my tights. Will post photos), and it went EVERYWHERE. My hands were bright red, my neck too. It went on the floor, a flannel, my towl, the mantel piece, my coat...
...and that stuff does NOT BUDGE easily. 

It was so much redder than in this photo

The morning for work I was scrubbing so hard on my neck to get some off -barely made a difference. And I washed my hair for the next (normal) day and it was still tinged red?

(Wearing the ring I was given at work on a cupcake.)

Hope you had a good Halloween! 

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Nealry bloody caught fire to my room today. 
I woke up to a weird burning smell and i was wtf, where is that coming from?!
-I thought it might be like a burning plug or my hair straighteners, but it wasn't. Boe and his dad came up to try and figure it out and were like "Where is that coming from...?" (It wasn't from outside).

So I went to do my make-up at the window and I looked over, and the plastic bottom frame on the window was smoking slightly I was like "Fuckkkk.."

What had happened was that the sun had hit a small mirror on the window sill  and the reflection had burnt the plastic on the frame. IT STUNK. I was lucky the fricking curtains hadn't caught fire!

So lesson today, watch where you put mirrors! Jesus.

What a knob.
Got home Thursday to find this sitting on my bed !
Now it may not seem much, but to me, I love Halloween and this small gesture from Boe was really sweet. I've yet to eat it and see it glow!

Thought I'd treat myself with this Spooky Trick or Treat mix from Tesco haha. Yum!
I'd be lying if I didn't say I kinda of bought it for the cute bucket. (Typical me right there!)
Bought some (sweet) popcorn too, to munch on whilst watching Halloween stuff on tv. Didn't go out this year because I am poor-as at the moment which sucksss.

Was given a yummy Halloween cupcake at work today and didn't realise until I tried eating it, that there was a cute vintage-style witch ring on it! Pahaha

Also made these cute spooky drawings which I put up on my wall to get a lil bit more into the "Halloween spirit"... hah.


-My camera quality is shit-

I wanna post some pics of my Halloween costume which I wore for work but my room's a TIP and I can't find my camera's USB grrr..