Friday, 26 July 2013

Hair Colour Chart

These are all the colour's I've dyed my hair so far, but I can bet there will be a lot more to add in the future. I just love changing it and experimenting, knowing that if I use semi-permanent it'll still fade back to blonde!

Heheh I like my make-up today. 
Inspired by the make-up Fifi did on me not long along.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

It may be Summer but...

Jacket: TopShop

...I just had to buy this mohair jacket from TopShop! I love it so much, I can't wait for Autumn now so I can wear it out. Was surprised when I came across it in the store, especially as it's still boiling hot outside and mid-summer! Haha. It's the perfect finishing layer to your outfit that adds an edgy casual look.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

90's Clubkid

Sequin Top: Topshop but bought on Ebay
Leather Skirt: Ark
Bag: Market
Platform Flip Flops: Rocket Dog
Sunglasses: Own

Looked at my outfit today in the mirror and just thought '90's Clubkid,' what with the platform flip-flops, the cropped sequin top and my translucent green zombie-style head earrings.Love love love the daisy anklet that I'm wearing (will post a clearer picture another time). I wanted this Top Shop crop top for agess and I was over the moon when I found it on Ebay last year (and for cheaper!) I love it so much. In the light the sequins shimmer from a green to a dusty pale purple kind of like a scarab beetle I guess.

New Nail Art

Nail Varnishes: Barry M

Been wanting to do this to my nails for a while now and finally got the perfect nail varnishes to have alien nails! That has made my day. I also painted little skulls onto Fifi's nails which we thought looked pretty cool (beside the fact that I have no nail-painting talents lets be honest and that also they are kinda wibbly looking). 

I have gotta say that I 100% would recommend to anyone who wants to make their nails look awesome, to buy Barry M Nail Art Pen. It's my new favourite piece of make-up at the moment, I am so happy I bought it! Simple to use, just like using a felt-tip or eye liner...but on nails.

Caught in the Act

Listening to music in John Lewis.
The Bee Gees came on and it made me smile hahaha!

Out and about with a couple of mates, being losers and rocking out to music on some headphones. I have decided that when I get some more money I'm definitely going to buy some coloured ones.

Really liking this Apple Ipod Nano. 

Emily being well...Emily.
Came across this. Wow. Just ...I have no words. Pahahaha!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sully: Disney Store
Alien Mug: Amazon
Necklace Mix: DIY

Gotta love Sully! I was so happy when I bought him I swear I'm honestly still a kid inside!? Paha.

Alien Mug

Alien Mug: Amazon

As it is clear I am loving aliens right now, and as a result I bought this awesome mug! 

Friday, 12 July 2013

Dress: Ebay
Creepers: Linzi

My hair has faded so much, the blue is now pale green and the lilac has gone pink. This dress is the latest addition to my wardrobe, gotta love a cheap bargain on Ebay! So cute. Love the combination with the Creeper shoes, it adds that edge to the look. I am so pale I definitely need to get some more sun! 

Also, am loving the cheap jelly shoes on Linzi, perfect footwear for chilling on the beach this summer! Plus, they have that new-in fashion buzz. I remember when I was little and I had a pair..loved. them.


Am loving alien rights now. (Have no idea why.) How awesome are these alien head lava lamps?! Wow. Seriously want on. Ahhhh times when you wish you were richer... >o<

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Fifi got to borrow this awesome film camera from a mate of ours. Trying to put on the different lenses was tricky but so worth it! They look awesome. There's a pink one, sepia, lilac etc etc. Can wait to see the photos though, know they're gonna look seriously cool! (I know v. classy hanging out in Burger King. Haha)


Finished hair! Have to admit that we both thought it turned out better than we expected.
Really happy with it! 
It took ages, muchhh longer than expected. Total of 3 hours (!) Yikes.

Poor Fifi :(

Bless her, she went through all the dying but didn't want to use gloves. They're practically luminous!!

Hair Dying!

Directions Hair Dyes: Carnation Pink, Lagoon Blue

I wanted to do a 3-way colour with the dyes so I had blue, pink and lilac. The 2 dyes were simply mixed in a separate bowl in order to make the lilac. Conditioner was mixed with the blue so it wasn't so dark and strong in colour in comparison to the pink and lilac. As my hair's naturally blonde the lilac and pink didn't need to be mixed in with conditioner as the dyes don't hold as bright as they would be anyway in pre-bleached hair. If your hair is pre-bleached and you wanted to get pastel colours, then you'd mix each one with conditioner. The conditioner that I used was TRESemme as I've heard it's better for dyed hair. (Can't remember exactly why... there isn't some ingredient that affects it or something..) 

Anyway, haha this type of dying was a first-timer for me as I was having each half of my head dyed and then my fringe. So hectic! As there is a small fraction this wouldn't have succeeded with just my doing, so I asked my best mate Fifi to as she's a pro at dying hair. It would've been a complete NIGHTMARE if I had done it myself and would've looked messy. Neatness is key if you're doing this type of dying. And patience! So THANK YOU SO MUCH Fifi  <3.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Charlotte Free

It has to be said, I love Charlotte Free. 
Her carefree, colourful and confident weird outfits are just so amazing. 
And that hair! It just tops it all off perfectly.

And who are you?

Thought I'd post a couple of old-ish photos of my best mate Fifi and I in our costumes for her (awesome) 19th party back in May. She went as a skeleton (v. talented did the make-up herself, took ages!) and I went as Morticia Addams (hence the black wig) -not my real hair colour! Never seen what I'd look like with black hair so it was quite a weird for both me and my friends hahaha. Actually thought it wasn't too bad though! ;D

"My bed now."

Well someone's sure made themselves at home! Haha bless.

Cheeky little bugga. Have to admit that I quite like walking into my room and finding him all comfy on my bed. (Moved in now. My room is such a mess! Meh.) My boyfriend Boe has two dogs, this one's the smallest and youngest.

So I've had to pack up everything of mine as I've moved in with my boyfriend now. It's crazy the amount you think you have until it takes numerous car journeys packed to the roof! This only shows a small bit of what I have. Damn, I've never fully realised just how many clothes and shoes I have..

My walls were so white and dull :( Can't wait to decorate properly though! Ahhh

Welcome to my World.

Wow, so the beginnings of yet another blog are coming together quite nicely. Trying to get my rather small brain into gear with this new arrangement seeing as I normally blog on Tumblr! Hopefully this will be somewhat of a success but we'll just have to see how this goes for now...