Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hair Dying!

Directions Hair Dyes: Carnation Pink, Lagoon Blue

I wanted to do a 3-way colour with the dyes so I had blue, pink and lilac. The 2 dyes were simply mixed in a separate bowl in order to make the lilac. Conditioner was mixed with the blue so it wasn't so dark and strong in colour in comparison to the pink and lilac. As my hair's naturally blonde the lilac and pink didn't need to be mixed in with conditioner as the dyes don't hold as bright as they would be anyway in pre-bleached hair. If your hair is pre-bleached and you wanted to get pastel colours, then you'd mix each one with conditioner. The conditioner that I used was TRESemme as I've heard it's better for dyed hair. (Can't remember exactly why... there isn't some ingredient that affects it or something..) 

Anyway, haha this type of dying was a first-timer for me as I was having each half of my head dyed and then my fringe. So hectic! As there is a small fraction this wouldn't have succeeded with just my doing, so I asked my best mate Fifi to as she's a pro at dying hair. It would've been a complete NIGHTMARE if I had done it myself and would've looked messy. Neatness is key if you're doing this type of dying. And patience! So THANK YOU SO MUCH Fifi  <3.

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