Thursday, 15 August 2013

New Jewellery!

Hoop Earrings: New Look 

Necklace: New Look 

So I've been searching for a nice size and style hoop earrings for a while now and have finally found a pair I really like! The last time I think I wore a pair was when I was 12/13 (haha). As I only tend to wear silver jewellery, I was psyched that I found these. I've also wanted a statement necklace to wear with my black crop top and TopShop black slit dress -among other items in my wardrobe- as I have been in need for one for far too long now. Really wanna have a night out again so I can flaunt the necklace (haha is that bad?) All in all it wasn't as expensive as it could've been as I originally was routing for a Tibetan style pair of hoop earrings off Etsy. Let's just say they were priceyyyy so thank you New Look!

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