Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fuzzy Valentine

All Above Items: Tiger Store

Was in London last week as I went home to see my dad, popped into'Tiger' and came across these beauties which I just had to buy. Just look at the coat hangers! You can get 4 velvet hangers for £3.00 in any 3 colours: dusty pink, bright pink and red. I first saw the dusty pink ones at Fifi's and feel in love with them straight away. The heart notebook cost me £2.00 and the 4 meter garland £1.00! Love it.
Although these are perfect for Valentine's Day, I know I'll be most likely using them 24/7 haha.

There were other Valentine-related items for sale as well, including a heart clock, a pink or red cute heart storage bucket and a heart shaped sauce pan -among others.
Their stores are perfect for vamping up your house.

Have a look about here:

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