Saturday, 2 November 2013

Nealry bloody caught fire to my room today. 
I woke up to a weird burning smell and i was wtf, where is that coming from?!
-I thought it might be like a burning plug or my hair straighteners, but it wasn't. Boe and his dad came up to try and figure it out and were like "Where is that coming from...?" (It wasn't from outside).

So I went to do my make-up at the window and I looked over, and the plastic bottom frame on the window was smoking slightly I was like "Fuckkkk.."

What had happened was that the sun had hit a small mirror on the window sill  and the reflection had burnt the plastic on the frame. IT STUNK. I was lucky the fricking curtains hadn't caught fire!

So lesson today, watch where you put mirrors! Jesus.

What a knob.

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