Monday, 4 November 2013

Few photos from Halloween where you can see some of my devil outfit which I wore to work for dress-up!
(Loving these horns I got off Ebay)

-My phone's camera is shittt-

I sprayed the bottom of my hair red (to add a kinda flames-look like my tights. Will post photos), and it went EVERYWHERE. My hands were bright red, my neck too. It went on the floor, a flannel, my towl, the mantel piece, my coat...
...and that stuff does NOT BUDGE easily. 

It was so much redder than in this photo

The morning for work I was scrubbing so hard on my neck to get some off -barely made a difference. And I washed my hair for the next (normal) day and it was still tinged red?

(Wearing the ring I was given at work on a cupcake.)

Hope you had a good Halloween! 

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