Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Had an early Halloween get-together/house party on Sunday evening with friends from back home -costume of course. I'd been looking forward to it for ages! Decided to go as a Pierrot clown (French style clown). I don't like normal clowns, they fucking annoy me so much, but these can be more feminine and subtle. I got the inspiration from a female Pierrot clown busk I bought a while ago now cheaply from an Antiques shop in Norwich.

I was going to buy a neck ruff online off Etsy (I couldn't find ANY decent ones anywhere else), but because of a lack of money I made one myself out of paper. Cheap, easy and actually turned out really well. I ended up using like 6 pieces of paper though haha! To join each piece I folded them, used double-sided tape, and then threaded some thread through them all so I could tie it round at the back.

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