Wednesday, 30 October 2013

3 Glow in the Dark Skeletons: Morrisons £1
Frankenstein cup: Costume shop in Cambridge
Eye Ball Key Ring: From Fifi
Light up Skull: ASDA £1
Ghost Nails: Morrisons £1

Selection of new-ish Halloween stuff I've bought which are dotted about my room. -Getting into the Halloween spirit. I love the cute-spooky side of Halloween.

This small skull is so cool, you can get it in blue or red at ASDA really cheaply! (I went for blue as I don't really like red lights tbh). The inside is glitter and sparkles when you turn it on. It's trippy; looks like you're looking into another universe. 

Ghost False Nails!
Had to snap these up, they're so quirky!

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