Sunday, 27 October 2013

Came up with these Halloween-themed nails yesterday and could not wait to try out the design!

I bought the white Barry M and glitter Loreal Paris nail polishes this morning before work which I was chuffed about. I've hyped this particular 'Nail Art Pen' before on here and it is truely something worth talking about. It's SO easy to use! Love it. Def recommend.

In order to achieve these nails I applied 3 coats of the white nail polish by Barry M -(it's not that thick so it needs more than one). Following this I used Loreal Paris' clear glitter as a top coat and then after drying, drew on some spider webs, starting on the star shape and moving onto adding the adjoining lines. (If you look at a real spiderweb you'll notice the lines running across the center star shape do not always join, so I think it looks more interesting if you apply this to the nail design).

I have to admit you need a very steady hand as you can see my lines are a bit wibbly. Ended up finding that trying to follow on with the spiderweb design on my right hand was HARD. So, if you trust someone to do the other I would recommend it (haha).

I have to say though, after finishing them I do REALLY love them. Perfect for the Halloween party I'm heading to tomorrow! Yay.

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